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Podcast: A CIO's First Year


  • Joanne M. Kossuth, Vice President for Operations and CIO, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering
  • Ann Kovalchick, Chief Information Officer, Drake University
  • Bruce Maas, CIO and Vice Provost for Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Brian D. Voss, Vice President & CIO, University of Maryland
Whether you're a new or seasoned CIO, the first year on campus is spent figuring out buildings, systems, and people. Every first year presents a balancing act between maintaining the status quo and implementing significant change. Building a strategy, a team, and an IT environment of the future is often pitted against resolving (quickly!) age-old challenges and dealing with the ever-present crises that arise—all establish the credibility and trust needed to achieve strategic change. So how does a CIO survive this first year? By being flexible, adaptable, and responsive—and by keeping an eye on the strategic goals from Day 1.


Music: "New Pop Wave" by sebastian6

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