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Podcast: Community Dialogue: Best Practices, Emerging Trends, and Views of the Future

This hour and five minute podcast features a panel discussion from the EDUCAUSE 2009 Midwest Regional Conference. The discussion, "Community Dialogue: Best Practices, Emerging Trends, and Views of the Future," includes the following participants:

  • Dennis J. Cromwell, Associate Vice President, Enterprise Infrastructure, Indiana University
  • Kathy J. Lang, Chief Information Officer, Marquette University
  • Andrea Lisa Nixon, Director of Curricular and Research Support, Carleton College
  • Edward V. Van Gemert, Deputy Director of Libraries, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Session moderator: Bruce Maas, Chief Information Officer, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The closing session from the EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference brings together four panelists, each focusing on one of the four track topics. They summarize key takeaways from the sessions presented throughout the conference and what these mean for our profession and the community. They bring out what is emerging and what has become best or commonly accepted practice. What is occurring at the edges is central to our institutions.



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Running time: 1h 4m 30s
File size: 44.29 MB

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