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Podcast: The FTC as an Educational Partner in Improving Data Security and Privacy

This 38 minute podcast features a keynote address by Mary Beth Richards, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection for the Federal Trade Commission. Her speech, "The FTC as an Educational Partner in Improving Data Security and Privacy," was recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2008 Policy Conference in Arlington, Virgina.

The Federal Trade Commission deals with issues that touch the economic lives of most Americans. The current portfolio includes protecting consumers in the areas of data security and privacy, identity theft, Social Security number misuse, identity management, spam, maintaining the National Do Not Call Registry, and other IT issues of interest to colleges and universities. The FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, although a regulator of businesses, is also an educator: it seeks to educate consumers and provide businesses and other organizations with the information they need to comply with the rules of the road and to provide consumers with the necessary tools to engage in commerce intelligently. This session highlights information policy issues the FTC is addressing and educational resources institutions of higher education can leverage to improve student, faculty, and staff awareness of data security and privacy risks.


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