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Podcast: How To Plan a Successful Presentation

In this eleven-minute podcast, we feature insights from several academic professionals on presenting a successful conference session for maximum audience impact. This program will provide clear ideas and tips on how to approach your audience, how to design an effective PowerPoint presentation, how to best communicate your ideas, and more. Contributers to this podcast include:

  • Celeste M. Schwartz, Vice President for Information Technology at Montgomery County Community College
  • Sharon P. Pitt, Executive Directory for the Division of Instructional Technology at George Mason University
  • Robert Renaud, Vice President and CIO of Dickinson College
  • Sheri Stahler, Associate Vice President of Computer Services at Temple University
  • Joan Getman, Senior Strategist for Learning Technologies at Cornell University
  • Ellen Yu Borkowski, Director of Academic Support at the University of Maryland

Music by Kelly Walker - "Study for Organ Quartet and 100 Piece Orchestra (Silent)"


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