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Podcast: Identity Crisis: How Identification Is Overused and Misunderstood

This 41 minute podcast features a speech from the EDUCAUSE 2007 Policy Conference. The speech is by Jim Harper, Director of Information Policy Studies at The Cato Institute, and is titled, "Identity Crisis: How Identification Is Overused and Misunderstood".

The advance of identification technology—biometrics, identity cards, surveillance, databases, dossiers—threatens privacy, civil liberties, and related human interests. In the wake of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 demands for identification in the name of security have increased. A national identification card, created by Congress in the REAL ID Act, is an example of a poor way to secure the country or its citizens. Instead of a uniform, government-controlled identification system, we need a competitive, responsive identification and credentialing industry that meets the mix of consumer demands for privacy, security, anonymity, and accountability. This session will explore the policy issues associated with identity and the implications for colleges and universities.

This podcast was edited and hosted by Carie Windham.


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