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Podcast: Information Literacy, IT Fluency, and Media Literacy - An Interview with Craig Gibson

In this podcast, we feature 15 minute interview with Craig Gibson, Associate University Librarian at George Mason University. This interview was recorded at the ELI 2007 Fall Focus Session in Boulder, Colorado, where Mr. Gibson presented a speech entitled, "Prisms Around Student Learning: Information Literacy, IT Fluency, and Media Literacy". A podcast of that speech can be found here.

The family of literacies now promoted in higher education (information literacy, IT fluency, and media and visual literacies) continues to multiply. These educational agendas call for more pervasive collaboration among all stakeholders (faculty, administrators, librarians, technologists, student life staff, assessment specialists, and others) because of conceptual and programmatic linkages and convergences among them. The blending of these literacies can become a catalyst that taps into student learning and engagement at a deep level and effects cultural change within and across institutions.

This podcast was edited with assistance from Kelly Walker.



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