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Podcast: Information Technology, Leadership, and the Future of Higher Education


Earving L. Blythe, Retired - Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Virginia Tech
Over the last 30 years, colleagues in information technology have advocated for and led major shifts in the technological underpinnings of learning, teaching, and research. Over the next 30, we will experience trials unique in the history of higher education. Changes in how the global community interacts and learns - set in motion by accelerating technological innovations - will either create great opportunity or result in significant irrelevance for traditional institutions of higher education. Erv Blythe will share his perspectives on the changing nature and strategic importance of information technology, and especially on the aggressive and effective leadership so critical to the future of our institutions and to education.

WINNER: 2012 EDUCAUSE Leadership Award. Award sponsored by Moran Technology Consulting, a Silver Partner.

Music: "New Pop Wave" by sebastian6

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