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Podcast: IT and Campaign '08

This 58 minute podcast features a panel discussion from the EDUCAUSE 2008 Policy Conference. The participants of this discussion, "IT and Campaign '08," include:

  • Joanne Carney, Director, Center for Science, Technology & Congress, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Michael R. Nelson, Visiting Professor, Georgetown University
  • Cameron Wilson, Director, Public Policy Office, Association for Computing Machinery
  • Session moderator: Richard E. Bissell, Executive Director, Policy and Global Affairs, National Research Council

While Washington concentrates on the IT legislative and regulatory issues at hand, the presidential candidates are being queried about their positions and the Democratic and Republican National Committees are focusing on crafting platforms to be adopted during their summer conventions. Policy experts from some of the leading IT policy associations and think tanks share their insights on how the Democratic and Republican parties and their respective presidential nominees will integrate IT issues into the 2008 presidential campaign.


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