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Podcast: It Takes a Team, or Does It?

The new reality for higher education IT is one of constant change and increased complexity on a base of shrinking resources. Such a context, however, provides a perfect opportunity to develop internal and external campus relationships to collaboratively deliver IT solutions and services in financially creative ways. This session, from the EDUCAUSE 2011 Southeast Regional Conference, delves into those goals and how IT can best do its part to meet the needs of our institutions.

This keynote panel includes:

  • Christopher D. Byrd, Vice President for Human Resources, University of South Carolina
  • Tena Crews, Professor, College of HRSM, IIT Program, University of South Carolina
  • Helen Doerpinghaus, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, University of South Carolina
  • William F. Hogue, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, University of South Carolina
  • George Lampl, III, Legal Counsel, University of South Carolina
  • Edward Walton, Chief Financial Officer, University of South Carolina

Music by: Naoki

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