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Podcast: Italian Takeout--Technologies Delivered Home

This eight minute podcast features an interview from the 2009 Colorado Learning and Teaching with Technology Conference. My conversation is with Tina Pugliese, Senior Instructor of Italian at the University of Colorado at Boulder. We speak about her use of technology in teaching a foreign language, her student's reaction to multimedia tools, and her favorite Italian movie director.

The abstract from her session:

My presentation surveys the various kind of technological resources I use in class but with a particular attention to IMovie DVDs projects I created.IMovie is a video editing software application,which allows Mac users to edit their own home movies.This tool allowed me to create several DVDs uploading pictures,art paintings,sequences from movies and record an audio commentary and music on these images.Technology permeates our lives,it is changing not only our literacy practices,but educational and social practices.I define my courses "hybrid" since they are a combination of face-to-face teaching and web-based training.I work constantly to keep pace with technology:there is always more to do,but I believe it is essential for me as a teacher to keep up with the last trends in technology.I have to confess that technology was a big challenge for me at the beginning,I am not a computer literate or a technology enthusiast but I understood that a blind resistance would take me nowhere.


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Running time: 7m 30s
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