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Podcast: Leadership: The Key to a Sustainable Future - Joel Hartman, University of Central Florida

This forty-three minute podcast features a keynote address from the EDUCAUSE 2009 Southeast Regional Conference. The speech, "Leadership: The Key to a Sustainable Future," is by Joel Hartman, Vice Provost of Information Technologies and Resources and CIO at the University of Central Florida.

Climate change, conservation, and energy costs are current topics of significant attention and debate. How do they impact institutions of higher education, and, more specifically, how do they impact IT organizations? Further, what roles, responsibilities, and opportunities do colleges and universities, and their IT organizations, have to address these challenges? This session outlines the challenges and suggest ways that institutional and IT leaders at all levels can become more aware and personally active to bring about a more sustainable future.


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Running time: 43m 10s
File size: 29.64 MB