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Podcast: Mentoring as a Professional Development Tool

Mentoring can be a great tool for both mentor and mentee to enrich their professional development. Having a person to bounce off ideas and to give advice is an invaluable tool in sharpening one's skills. In this podcast we hear about one such relationship and share resources on getting started finding a mentor or becoming one. Learn all about effective mentoring and the ways it can boost your career, whether you are a mentor or a mentee. This podcast is part of the EDUCAUSE Mentoring Kit.


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Running time: 8m 1s
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I am looking for mentoring roles.  I have been part of Higher Education IT for the past 28 years and I believe I can help folks who seek entry into IT leadership roles in higher education institutions.  How do I go about volunteering for such roles.


Thank you for your time and help.

Ravi Kallianpur