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Podcast: P2P Policy Update - From Campus to Congress, and Now the State House

This hour and forty-five minute podcast features a panel discussion on the latest P2P news regarding higher education. The discussion, "P2P Policy Update - From Campus to Congress, and Now the State House," features:

  • Thomas S. Danford, Chief Information Officer for the Tennessee Board of Regents
  • Terry W. Hartle, Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs at the American Council on Education
  • Charles F. Leonhardt, Principal Technologist at Georgetown University
  • Kent Wada, Director, IT Strategic Policy at UCLA
  • Moderator: Steve Worona, Director of Policy and Networking Programs at EDUCAUSE

Peer-to-peer file sharing remains a major headache for campus IT administrators, as the RIAA and MPAA aggressively explore the boundaries of litigation and legislation. This session features two panels of experts to discuss where we stand. The first panel reviews the best current thinking on campus policy and technology options for coping with P2P issues: How to deal with DMCA notices, prelitigation letters, and John Doe lawsuits, and whether blocking and filtering technologies have matured to the point where they can help. The second panel looks at the current status of federal P2P legislation and describes recent entertainment industry initiatives to enact such legislation at the state level.


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