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Podcast: Supporting Course Transformation at Scale


  • Thomas Cavanagh, Assistant Vice President of Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida
  • Carie Page, Manager, Community Engagement, Next Generation Learning Challenges, EDUCAUSE
  • Alexandra M. Pickett, Associate Director, SUNY Learning Network, SUNY System Administration
Encouraging pedagogical innovation at your institution can be a delicate balancing act that requires a nuanced understanding of faculty needs and a spirit of collaboration, good communication, and shared goals. But how can you support that transformation at institutions outside your own walls, when each has its own distinct faculty and academic culture? Join two recent NGLC grantees, the University of Central Florida and the SUNY Learning Network, to learn how they are using innovative approaches, open resources, and online tools to support course transformation across vast networks.

Music: "New Pop Wave" by sebastian6

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Running time: 45m 50s
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