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Podcast: The Tower and the Cloud: Higher Education in the Age of Cloud Computing

This podcast features a keynote address from the EDUCAUSE 2009 Enterprise Information and Technology Conference. The speech, "The Tower and the Cloud: Higher Education in the Age of Cloud Computing," is by Richard Katz, Vice President for EDUCAUSE.

Cloud computing is currently enjoying what Gartner describes as the peak of heightened expectations. What appears to be emerging is industrial-scale computing—a standardized and network-accessible infrastructure for delivering computing power, network bandwidth, data storage and protection, and services. Industrial-scale computing, together with widespread consumerization of IT services, begs the question, Is this the end of the middle? This session examines the role of "enterprise" IT in the future and also raises the bigger question, What will become of all of our intermediating institutions?


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Running time: 52m 25s
File size: 35.99 MB