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Session: Lessons from the United Kingdom's Experience with Federated Access Management

A session from the EDUCAUSE 2009 Annual Conference, featuring Norman Wiseman, Head of Services and Outreach for the JISC - Joint Information Systems Committee. His session is, "Lessons from the United Kingdom's Experience with Federated Access Management."

The UK Access Management Federation is the largest education and research federation in the world, potentially serving every school, college, and higher education institution in the United Kingdom. Others addressing similar challenges can hear about the lessons learned in addressing the policy, strategy, and operational challenges required to meet the needs of such a wide membership. There still remain many fresh challenges, including encouraging service provider participation and interfederation with other U.K. and international organizations.

This EDUCAUSE 2009 Conference Podcast is sponsored by Juniper Networks and Qwest Communications International.

Music: "Memorial Day" by Jaime Beauchamp


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Running time: 28m 44s
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