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Session Podcast: Cyberspace — A Matter of National Security

Cyberspace began as the domain of technologists and engineers, with a focus on building circuits, switches, computers, and software that could reliably sustain a new global form of communication. In the past decade, cyberspace has taken on a new meaning, one that is more focused on the "content" rather than the "conduit" through which humans connect their thoughts and ideas.

This keynote address, by Marcus Sachs, Executive Director for National Security and Cyber Policy at Verizon, examines these trends and their impact on national security in greater detail. Sachs also discusses the federal government's response to the changes in cyberthreats, and looks at how groups beyond the government such as the SANS Internet Storm Center are adapting to these changes.

This podcast was recorded at the EDUCAUSE 2010 Security Conference.


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Running time: 1h 7m 40s
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