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Session: Polley McClure - Applying Positive Psychology in Challenging Times

In this podcast, Polley McClure, Vice President Emeritus for Cornell University, explores some ideas about how you can contribute creative solutions and maintain staff morale and productivity, even when your own energy may be sagging. For many, this past year has been the hardest ever on IT and institutional budgets—and it isn’t over yet. We’ve seen, or made, painful decisions about how to cut programs and positions. We’ve been asked to do more with less. Each of us needs to use this crisis to hone our leadership skills from wherever we are in our organizations. This session will apply the concepts of positive psychology to help us maintain a constructive outlook while cultivating colleagues’ and staffs’ productive attitudes toward themselves, each other, and the organization. Techniques such as visualization, building on strengths, and appreciative inquiry will be explored.


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Running time: 58m 44s
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