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Session: "Print"

A session from the EDUCAUSE 2009 Annual Conference, featuring Charles J. Henry, President of the Council on Library and Information Resources. His session is, "Print."

The quotation marks around the title word indicate the increasing sense of irony of the term associated with academic publishing. Other terms that qualify for the ironic grammatical tag include "press," "warehouse," "library," and "repository." Academic environment is a term also fast approaching a status qualifying for quotation marks. This session explores the emergence of irony in traditional vocabularies associated with academic publishing, delve into the discrepancy between surface and emergent meaning, and examine the ontological implications for the future of scholarly communication.

This EDUCAUSE 2009 Conference Podcast is sponsored by Juniper Networks and Qwest Communications International.

Music: "Memorial Day" by Jaime Beauchamp


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Running time: 31m 41s
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