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Smartphone Privacy & Security:- Webinar Audio

Information security takes on new dimensions in a mobile context. The protection of sensitive data, IT systems, and user privacy requires different strategies. Given the limited control colleges and universities have over the mobile devices and apps on campus, what solutions can institutions find—in technology or policy—to address issues of mobile security? Bring your experiences and ideas as we examine the current state of mobile security, anticipate what's coming, and explore effective practices.

In this webinar hosted by Steve Worona, EDUCAUSE Senior Policy Director, the topic of mobile enterprise integration is discussed by:

  • Norman Sadeh, Director, Mobile Commerce Lab; Director, e-Supply Chain Management Lab; and Co-Director, Computation, Organizations, and Society (COS) PhD Program, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Steve McDonald, General Counsel, Rhode Island School of Design
  • Jeff Schiller, Networking and Security, MIT


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Running time: 1h 50m 5s
File size: 37.8 MB

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