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A new EDUCAUSE opportunity: The inaugural Campus IT Policy Workshop, July 18-19 in Chicago

We've got a new learning opportunity this summer for campus IT staff who find themselves engaging policies that go beyond IT, and for their non-IT counterparts whose work depends on IT. For example: A campus development officer might imagine that fundraising pitches to alumni could be tailored much more effectively if they were based on detailed data from transcripts, but not know quite how to move forward when the Registrar's database managers prove reluctant, on privacy grounds, to feed transcript data into the alumni/development system. An IT security officer, recently promoted into a management position, might have trouble figuring out how to persuade the head of enrollment management that it's a bad idea to collect all students' tweets and publish them on the student-recruiting website. A dean of students might wonder why IT staff can't enforce copyright violations by simply excluding offenders from the campus network, thus avoiding disciplinary action and sparing deans the extra work.

Through several initiatives, EDUCAUSE has sought to help both IT and non-IT staff deal better with campus policies that straddle the IT/non-IT border. Last summer, for example, we launched the online EDUCAUSE Policy discussion groupfor the higher-education community. As a resource to support and enhance the discussion group, and also to advise EDUCAUSE on policy trends, we simultaneously created the Campus Policy Working Group.

This summer brings a third initiative: the first of what we expect will be a series of Campus IT Policy Workshops. Jointly overseen by UCLA's Kent Wada, who chairs the Campus Policy Working Group, and EDUCAUSE's Jarret Cummings, one of our Policy Specialists, the EDUCAUSE Campus IT Policy Workshop is a hands-on learning experience. It promotes active engagement among participants from diverse campuses and occupations in a small setting. The focus is the interaction among policies and practices that involve IT, regardless of whether they originate within IT: for example,

  • How compliance overlaps with policy, and what to do in absence of compliance requirement;
  • How to approach issues from a policy process perspective; and
  • The basic steps involved in developing IT policy, including working with others on campus.

The Campus IT Policy Workshop website has more information about this event, which will take place July 18–19 in Chicago, Illinois. We are excited to offer this new learning opportunity, and look forward to getting it underway. Please let us know ( if you have questions!

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