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DC News: NTIA Says 95 MHz of Government Spectrum Should be Repurposed for Wireless Broadband Use

On March 27, 2012, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released its report, “An Assessment of the Viability of Accommodating Wireless Broadband in the 1755 – 1850 MHz Band,” where it concludes that 95 MHz of prime spectrum could be repurposed for wireless broadband use.

NTIA, working with federal agencies, evaluated the potential of the 1755–1850 MHz band to accommodate commercial wireless broadband service.  Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and NTIA Administrator Lawrence E. Strickling said, “Spectrum is a finite resource in growing demand, and we need to focus on new ways to maximize its use.  By working with the FCC, other federal agencies, and the industry, we can make more spectrum available to fuel innovation and preserve America’s technological leadership while protecting vital government missions.”

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski remarked, “The FCC looks forward to working closely with NTIA and all federal partners to maximize the value of our nation’s spectrum resources and to make meaningful progress toward the President's goal of freeing up 500 MHz for mobile broadband.”


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