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EDUCAUSE Coalition Visits U.S. Senate Offices Regarding Network Neutrality Rule

EDUCAUSE has advocated at the Federal level the past few years for Open Internet policies regarding the commercial Internet.  We support the FCC’s Report and Order that will become effective on Nov. 20.  See: Preserving the Open Internet; FCC 10-201; GN Docket No. 09–191; WC Docket No. 07–52, rel. Dec. 23, 2010, “Order”.

EDUCAUSE has partnered for over two years with the American Library Association and the Association of Research Libraries in a Coalition that was successful in securing the following language in the Order that protects our interests regarding the use of the commercial Internet:

‘‘Mass market’’ means a service marketed and sold on a standardized basis to residential customers, small businesses, and other end-user customers such as schools and libraries.
76 Federal Register No. 185, Pg. 59201, Emphasis added.

The Order is under attack on Capitol Hill where the House approved a Resolution of Disapproval in April (H. J. Res. 37) that would overturn the Order and the Senate is poised to act between now and Nov. 20.  While our Coalition believes that the Order could be improved, it is critical that the Senate defeat this Resolution in order to preserve the Open Internet and to lay the foundation for further progress.

Consequently, the Coalition has identified a small group of Senate offices for visits to request their opposition to the Senate Resolution of Disapproval (S.J.Res. 6) and these visits are underway.  On Oct. 14, the Coalition sent a letter of support for the Order to the Senate Leadership and it provides tangible examples of why it is crucial that the Internet remains a “network neutral” environment.  See:

We are now using this letter to inform EDUCAUSE members in the targeted states and to request that they write their own letters of support.

Please let us know if you have any questions and/or if you would like to get involved in this important effort.

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