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Mobile Payment Technologies Receive Attention in DC

During March 2012, folks inside the beltway are paying attention to mobile payment technologies in terms of identifying the legal, policy, and business issues that are necessary to solve before there is widespread adoption in the United States.

On, March 23, 2012, Rodney Petersen and I attended the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee’s briefing titled, “Mobile Phone ‘Wallets’: A Congressional Update On Policies and Practices Needed to Assure a Smooth and Fair Transition to Smartphone Consumer Payments.”

In sum, the panelists said the largest obstacles to overcome before widespread adoption is possible are the development of industry standards regarding hardware, software, and payment processes and the establishment of consumer protections regarding privacy, security, pricing, and dispute resolution.

An audio file of the briefing, the briefing description, and bios of the panelists can be found here:

ITIF’s Report from November 2009 on Contactless Mobile Payments can be found here:

Also, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee holds a hearing on March 29, 2012, regarding mobile payment technology and security where representatives from the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston will testify.


On March 22, 2012, the U.S. House Financial Services Committee held a hearing where various industry and consumer protection players were witnesses.