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Bresciani on Outcomes-Based Assessment

For ELI's upcoming fall focus session on the role of assessment in supporting teaching and learning with technology, I interviewed Dr. Marilee Bresciani, Associate Professor of Postsecondary Education Leadership at San Diego State University.

In the interview, Dr. Bresciani defines outcomes-based assessment and shares her views on its application to teaching and learning with technology. Dr. Bresciani also discusses the keys for designing and implementing outcomes-based assessment for a given institution.

If you're interested in learning more about outcomes-based assessment, please see Dr. Bresciani's ELI Web Symposium presentation, How Do You Know What Your Students Are Learning?

Look for the proceedings from the ELI 2006 Fall Focus Session, Supporting Learning with Technology: Assessment's Role, via the focus session Web site. The proceedings should be available by the end of September.


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