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Common Education Data Standards, Version 2 (CEDS 2) Released

Last week, the State Higher Education Executives Officers (SHEEO) association announced the release of Common Education Data Standards, Version 2 (CEDS 2) in conjunction with the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) and other partner organizations. The timing of the announcement coincided with the launch of a new CEDS website, which provides access to the standards as well as related information and resources.

As previously discussed, CEDS is intended to help bridge the gap between state longitudinal data systems (SLDSs) as well as the PK-12 and postsecondary education communities in terms of data definitions on key parameters that, if better aligned, would allow for better data analysis across the sectors. As stated in the announcement: “Specifically, Version 2 of CEDS focuses on elements and modeling in the Early Learning, K12, and Postsecondary sectors and includes domains, entities, elements, options sets, and related use cases.”

EDUCAUSE Policy has consistently informed EDUCAUSE members about the progress of CEDS, noting the standards' potential usefulness to and impact on institutional data collection and reporting. We will continue to follow project developments, especially as efforts to encourage CEDS adoption across the education sectors continue.