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The Duke iPod Project / Digital Initiative

This interview continues the series of discussions the ELI is podcasting in relation to its 2006 Spring Focus Session, Mobility and Mobile Learning: The Next Phase of Anytime, Anywhere Learning, scheduled for March 29-30 at the Inn and Conference Center–University of Maryland University College.

In this conversation, Marilyn Lombardi discusses the Duke University Digital Initiative, which was originally known as the Duke iPod Project. Over the course of the interview, Marilyn provides an overview of the program, its successes and challenges, and the lessons learned that led to its transition from the iPod Project to the Digital Initiative. She also addresses issues institutions should consider in pursuing mobile learning projects.

Marilyn Lombardi is a senior research scholar in Duke’s Information Science and Information Studies (ISIS) program as well as a senior strategist in the university’s Office of Information Technology. She also serves as a Scholar-in-Residence with the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative.

In addition to interviews like this one, ELI also plans to capture and post presentation audio from the focus session. Both the interviews and session audio will be posted under the following tags:

ELI 06 Spring Focus Session

ELI 2006 Spring Focus Session: Mobility and Mobile Learning


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