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EDUCAUSE/CAP Convening, "Improving Performance: Infusing Technology into Higher Education"

Yesterday, the Center for American Progress (CAP) ( and EDUCAUSE brought together roughly 50 thought leaders in higher education IT, business process innovation, online and hybrid learning, postsecondary education philanthropy, and higher education in general to explore how more effectively infusing technology throughout higher education might advance national and institutional goals for improved performance across the higher education mission (e.g., college readiness and completion, access and affordability).

The event was conducted as an open dialogue to highlight opportunities and challenges as IT enables new higher education business models, both within the academy and outside the traditional higher education sphere. Henry Eyring, co-author with Clayton Christensen of The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out, led the opening conversation on where technology has already driven “disruptive innovation” in higher education and where it might in the future. Subsequent discussion sessions delved into the nature of new higher education business models in greater detail, as well as their near- and long-term implications for traditional models and higher education policy.

EDUCAUSE and CAP intended for the event to serve as an idea-generator for subsequent research and knowledge-sharing activities, so no formal report is planned. However, the convening provides another example of EDUCAUSE engagement across the higher education and public policy communities to inform the use of IT to advance higher education.

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