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Google Apps accessibility improvements, Sept. 21 webconference

My colleague, Joan Cheverie, blogged on Friday about Google's announcement that day of its accessibility improvements to some of the key elements of Google Apps for Education. You can view Joan's post here. Note that she provided a link to register for Google's webconference this Wednesday, September 21, from 3:00 - 4:00 PM, Eastern (Noon - 1:00 PM, Pacific). Google plans to review the changes it is implementing to Google Docs, Google Sites, and Google Calendar, discuss their implications for users with visual impairments, and answer questions from the participants.

Please note that in addition to the EDCAUSE 2011 sessions on accessibility that Joan highlighted for readers, EDUCAUSE Policy will also host a panel discussion on the future of accessibility in higher education. The panelists for the session are Dan Goldstein, legal counsel to the National Federation of the Blind, Pete Siegel, CIO of the University of California, Davis, and Tracy Mitrano, director of IT policy for Cornell and former vice-chair of the EDUCAUSE Board of Directors. We look forward to seeing you there.

For more background on EDUCAUSE's engagement with Google, Microsoft, and the National Federation of the Blind on recent IT accessibility concerns in higher education, please see my blog post from earlier this summer, "Accessibility: The NFB, Google, Microsoft, and You."