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Helpful Analysis of State Authorization Issue

The Chronicle of Higher Education published a thoughtful article on the state authorization issue just before the 4th of July weekend; in case you missed it, the article is available at However, I think the comments on the article and related community discussion posted by Michael Goldstein of the law firm Dow Lohnes (scroll down to the comments section at the end of the article and look for "dowlohnes") are in some ways more helpful than the article itself--and not just because he also used a metaphor on speeding to make his point (see mine here).

In my opinion, the regulatory and historical context for the state authorization issue that Goldstein provides further supports the argument in favor of repealing the U.S. Department of Education's recently imposed state authorization regulation. It is my contention that this would create a much more constructive environment for refocusing federal, state, and institutional energies on collaborative efforts to resolve legitimate state and federal regulatory responsibilities with the practical realities institutions and their stakeholders face in the contemporary online learning space.