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Importance of Informal Spaces for Learning, Collaboration, and Socialization - ELI '05 Fall Focus Session Audio

The attached MP3 file contains the audio from the general session presentation conducted by Lori Gee and Terry Hajduk at the ELI ’05 Fall Focus Session – Design of Informal Learning Spaces. In their presentation, Gee and Hajduk highlighted the following principles as central to the design of effective informal learning spaces:

  • The entire campus is a learning environment that provides opportunities for further learning;
  • Informal spaces for learning, collaboration, and socialization are critical components of both scheduled and unscheduled campus spaces; and
  • Space drives behaviors and behaviors need to change for our society to realize its learning goals.

Gee and Hajduk explored these principles across a range of institutional examples. To view those examples while listening to the file, you can download a PDF file of their presentation from the focus session proceedings.


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Running time: 1h 12m 19s
File size: 33.11 MB