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Informal Learning Spaces in Support of the Institutional Mission - ELI '05 Fall Focus Session Audio

 The attached MP3 file contains the audio from the general session presentation conducted by Nancy Chism at the ELI ’05 Fall Focus Session. In her presentation, Chism sought to set the context for the design of informal learning spaces in terms of their relation to the institution’s academic mission. She discussed:

  • Establishing a shared understanding of what might fall under the heading of "informal learning spaces"
  • Thinking about what constitutes the "instituitonal mission" and its various dimensions
  • Identifying how institutional mission and space intersect
  • Examining different spaces and determining what they say about learning (built pedagogy), and
  • Identifying informal learning space issues about which we need a greater understanding.

If you would like to view her PowerPoint slides while listening to the presentation, you can access them through the focus session proceedings. A PDF file with the text from her remarks is also available as part of the proceedings.







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Running time: 52m 48s
File size: 24.17 MB

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