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Informal Spaces & The Design Process, An Interview with Lori Gee & Terry Hajduk

In my second interview with Lori Gee and Terry Hajduk,  we discussed participant questions related to their ELI '05 Fall Focus Session presentation, The Importance of Informal Spaces for Learning, Collaboration, and Socialization. While our first conversation focused on issues of institutional culture, this interview addresses the design process for informal learning spaces. Participants asked Gee and Hajduk to address:

  • How widely Gee and Hajduk's views on informal space design are shared across the architect / designer community
  • The extent to which architects and designers may be approaching the design process based on "boilerplates from the past"
  • The weaknesses of applying business space design models to learning environments, and
  • Their starting points for designing a library today, based on contemporary views of informal spaces.

If you would like to view their original presentation in addition to listening to the attached MP3 file, you can access it via the focus session proceedings.


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Running time: 24m 29s
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