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Latest Version of CEDS Now Available for Comment

Our friends at the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council (PESC) sent us the following information about the status of the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) process; note the September 28 deadline for submitting comments on the latest version of CEDS released for public review:

The draft of the Version 3 Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) has been released for public comment.  All are encouraged to review this draft of the standards and submit comments by September 28th via the CEDS website at

CEDS supports the development of a common vocabulary for P-20W (early learning through workforce). It is a collection of definitions and formats
for the most commonly used P-20W education data elements.  CEDS does not dictate how individual data systems collect, store, and report data.  The Version 3 draft includes additions to the early learning, K12, and postsecondary elements, and expands CEDS into adult education and workforce as well as support for interoperability for the Race to the Top assessments.

There will be two other CEDS releases in September:

- Race to the Top Assessment Support - Elements to support the Assessment Interoperability Framework (AIF), which is currently available on the CEDS website, will be released next week.  The current and upcoming documentation on this work can be found at

- Connect Tool - On September 19, CEDS will expand with the release of the latest tool, Connect.  This tool allows users to develop Connections
(metrics, indicators, and policy questions mapped to necessary data elements) relevant to the educational world for others to view and use.  Look for more information on this tool over the next few weeks.

Michael D. Sessa
President and CEO



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