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SCALE-UP: 2005 Summer Focus Session Case Study

The attached MP3 file contains the audio from NC State professor Bob Beichner's presentation at the NLII 2005 Summer Focus Session regarding SCALE-UP. The SCALE-UP project explores the redesign of classroom spaces and teaching approaches for large enrollment classes to generate greater student interaction and engagement with the learning process.

Dr. Beichner's presentation is the first of two case studies presented at the session; the second case study was presented by UCLA professor Arlene Russell, who discussed the Calibrated Peer Review process.

We experienced volume problems in capturing the original audio from which this file is taken, so I had to boost the volume quite a bit in post-production. As with the "Models of Interaction" track, this has led to a file with noticeable background buzz. However, Dr. Beichner can be heard throughout the track with little problem, so I've decided to post the file for anyone interested.


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Running time: Unknown
File size: 27.57 MB

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