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Open talk about dinosaurs

You know them... They're the tenured professors who strongly resist new technology.  University of Missouri student Kyle Palmer talked to NLII annual meeting attendees and found out how some universities deal with this challenge.


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The funeral dirge and the importance of context.

Since the faculty panel and my "waiting for them to die" remark are podcast, I can't say I was quoted out of context. However, I hope that everyone will consider the context within which I made the tongue in check comment. I was at New Castle! I strongly agree with Kevin Smith that there are many faculty who teach in traditional ways and do an excellent job. Some the most important strengths of the academy are due to its diversity and its many voices.

Having diverse voices and reluctant adopters provide opportunities for reflection, critical analysis and sharpening of our views.

I hope there will always be a place for reflective and thoughtful faculty whether they have a chalk or T-Mobile in their pocket.

Jay Brophy-Ellison