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E07 Podcast: Transforming Earth Sciences via Next-Generation Internet Linkages

This 32-minute podcast recorded during the EDUCAUSE 2007 Annual Conference features John Delaney, Professor of Oceanography, University of Washington speaking on Transforming Earth Sciences via Next-Generation Internet Linkages Between the Oceans and Classrooms, Laboratories, and Living Rooms. The slides that accompanied the presentation are also available.

The abstract from this session:

New technologies and infrastructure that extend bandwidth and power to the seafloor are being developed within the Ocean Observatories Initiative of the National Science Foundation. A major component of this effort involving construction of major cabled subsea networks is focusing on science and education programs that will make use of this unprecedented interactive access to study the northeast Pacific Ocean. The last frontier on Earth—the deep sea—will be accessible to a global community of scientists, educators, decision makers, and learners of all ages. New technologies will enable new approaches to studies of ocean and earth processes that, for example, regulate global climate, absorb greenhouse gases, generate earthquakes and tsunamis, support major fish stocks, harbor life in the extreme environments of sea floor volcanoes, and form vast mineral resources.

This E07 podcast is sponsored by Real Networks.


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