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E07 Podcast: The uPortal Project

This 40-minute podcast recorded during the EDUCAUSE 2007 Annual Conference features James Farmer, Coordinator, Interoperability Center, Georgetown University, David W. Koehler, Director of Information Systems, CIT, Cornell University, and William G. Thompson, Jr., Associate Director, Enterprise Application Services, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey speaking on The uPortal Project. The moderator is Bradley Wheeler, VP for IT & CIO, Dean, and Professor, Indiana University.

The abstract from this session:

This panel will tell the story of the uPortal project, a community effort to develop a free, sharable, enterprise-wide Web portal specifically for higher education. The flagship project for JA-SIG (the Java Applications Special Interest Group), uPortal has become the most widely used portal in production in higher education.

WINNER: 2007 EDUCAUSE Catalyst Award.

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