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Chicago's Gigabit Challenge and Universities

Last week the city of Chicago announced a Broadband Challenge to upgrade the city’s broadband infrastructure to gigabit speeds and to improve service to underserved and disadvantaged areas of the city in recognition that an advanced digital infrastructure is “critical to supporting Chicago’s long-term growth, job creation, global competitiveness, and overall quality of life.” The Broadband Challenge is encouraging the public to submit ideas on how Chicago could use a faster broadband service and how and where the city should make these infrastructure improvements. The website includes a link to a formal Request for Information (RFI) that “that seeks to engage private companies, universities, and other organizations to accomplish 3 main goals”:

  • Build a world-class broadband infrastructure with gigabit speed fiber
  • Provide affordable, reliable broadband service in underserved and disadvantaged areas
  • Establish free wireless networks in parks and public spaces across the City

Responses to the RFI should be submitted by October 19. For more information, visit

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