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Redesigned Core Data Service Open for Data Entry—Due June 17

The new Core Data Service (CDS) Dashboard, the online hub for survey module data entry, is now live and Phase 1: Data Collection has officially begun. As redesigned in 2010-11, CDS points to a new vision for EDUCAUSE research and analytics, one driven by member input and developed to meet the needs of the complex and diverse higher education community.

Changes made in the 2010-2011 redesign, such as the modularization of the survey, will make participation easier. You can now choose which modules to complete and delegate them to an appropriate campus colleague. In Phase 2: Data Access and Analysis, you will be able to batch download your data, which will make the service more valuable than ever before.

Individual institutions can increase the value of CDS by identifying their peer group, encouraging their peers to participate to increase the data set, and using the service to compare data. Participation in the survey must be managed by the EDUCAUSE primary representative at each eligible institution. Institutions must submit their data by June 17 to gain access to the service and download comparative data later this summer.

Information about CDS, including a video summarizing the results of the redesign and PDFs of the new survey modules, are available now on the updated CDS website. EDUCAUSE Vice President Susan Grajek and CDS consultant Dan Updegrove will present sessions and invite community questions and feedback on the new CDS at the following conferences:

If you have questions or feedback about CDS, contact us at To receive CDS updates, subscribe to the CDS blog or sign up for the CDS NEWS e-mail list. Connect with Susan Grajek on LinkedIn to stay current with new developments in EDUCAUSE data, research, and analytics.

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