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Being Responsible & Creative in Financially Challenging Times - Notes - Feb 25, 2009 discussion session

Notes from – Being Responsible & Creative in Financially Challenging Times

Notes provided by Doug Williams, Vice President of Information Technology Dallas Baptist University


Edward (Ed) Kelty , VP/CIO, Rio Salado College

Diane G Saphire, Assoc. VP of Information Resources, Trinity University

How to do better with less?


  • Staffing – doing more with less staff (hiring freeze)
  • Strategies for what gets cut in IT
  • How to identify alternate sources of funding
  • Supporting Executive Decision making
  • Self Supporting vs. Provided support – Where’s the balance?
  • Finding creative solutions\opportunities
  • Areas to invest in – short\long term
  • Communicating challenges to the community\upper administration

Discussion groups met


  • Keeping talent from moving on after they have experience
  • Cutting out student workers
  • Cutting full time folks is the last thing to do
  • Outsourcing to lose full timers
  • Hire student workers under Government programs that pay for 1/3 of their salaries
  • Using consultants but have a start\stop period of the project
  • Consolidating services

Alternative Funding

  • Dell Technical Service where Dell pays certified staff to perform repairs
  • Sell old equipment on eBay
  • Partner with local businesses to sponsor the department
  • Workforce Training (Training 3rd party company employees)
  • Grants
  • Adding life to existing equipment
  • PC Repair Shop
  • Hosting 3rd party company email services

Priority Cuts

  • Keeping the IT department (ha,ha,ha)
  • Allow folks decide what they don’t need (Staff\Faculty\Students)
  • Cutting from one area may add additional cost in other areas
  • Poll customers

Executive Decisions

  • Know the total comprehensive cost of IT across the institution
  • Making realistic business cases for cuts
  • Making sure executive understand IT
  • Looking at cost of courses to see if their profitable

Creative Solutions

  • Extend network refresh of hardware, clean up resources (old files on the server)
  • Copier\Printer analysis to reduce toner\paper across campus
  • Share resources
  • Software capabilities – sharing and training on software to use all the features
  • Printers set to default black\white vs colors – econ mode
  • Using software concurrent license management software
  • Customer service on home system to cut down on Help Desk calls

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