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How to Talk to Your CIO (if you must)

“How to Talk to Your CIO (if you must)”

Presenters were:

  • Michael Berman, Acting CIO, California State University, Channel Islands
  • Christa Coop, Director of Academic Technology, Loyola Marymount University
  • Patrick Frontiera, Vice President for Information Technology, Loyola Marymount University
  • David Levin, Senior Director of Academic Technology, California State University, Northridge
  • Theresa Zix, Vice President, Information Technology, Art Center College of Design

Presentation abstract:  In this entertaining and provocative presentation, three experienced CIOs and three experienced managers who report to them will demonstrate what they have learned about how—and how not—to communicate effectively with your CIO, and how you can help your CIO communicate more effectively with you.


This lively and effective presentation was a hit and was videotaped with the expectation that it may be made available to the community at a later time.

The first scenario was a conversation between a CIO and one of his direct reports regarding an additional major project the CIO wanted to add (at the last minute) to the already long list of summer projects. 

--They first did the “what not to do” bad example which included a CIO had a “do it all” attitude and who didn’t listen to the manager who seemed to be somewhat unaware of the  potential project.  The manager gave the CIO too much information and the manager also “whined.”  At the end of the conversation the CIO was oblivious to the manager’s pain.

--In the “what to do” role-play the CIO and manager discussed the details of the work and the resources needed to do it.  The manager asked for priorities thus putting the issue back into the CIO’s lap.  The manager was clear that adding the project was not possible with current resources alone and gave potential solutions.  They were “on the same page” at the end of the conversation in the direction the project would take and its priority rank.

Additional scenarios with roleplays followed.

Here's a link to the Video compliments of Christa Copp @ Loyola Marymount University

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