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Ideas for getting the most out of your conference experience

Ideas for Getting the Most Out of the Conference Experience

[These ideas were generated by participants in the 2008 Southeast Regional Conference pre-conference orientation session.]

Require conference attendees to write-up their conference experience. What did they gain from attending the conference? How did it help them individually and how will it help the institution?

Prepare before attending the conference. Pose questions you want answers for before you get there and then make sure you have answers before you leave.

Look for collaboration opportunities within new arenas.

Bring and exchange business cards. Write a snippet of the conversation on the card and follow-up when you return to your desk later.

Title 3 requires trip reports and demonstration of how information from the conference was shared. Ideas include scanning conference print materials, reporting at a staff meeting, poster sessions in the break/lunch room.

Go to a session on an unfamiliar topic - hear something different and broaden your learning

Gather informal groups together at the conference to share problems. This can be done at anytime including lunches, breaks, and dinners.

Get together with people who are your "opposite" and get out of your "silo" - This helps us understand other people's (unit's) issues

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