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Meeting the Top Challenges in Teaching and Learning with Technology (Notes from March 24th discussion session)

Meeting the Top Challenges in Teaching and Learning with Technology

Jessica Knott Michigan State University, @jlknott, #top5

Andrea Nixon, Carleton College

Notes provided by Bruce Maas, CIO, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

ELI community actively involved in identifying the pending issues affecting higher education teaching and learning.  What are our challenges?

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Five topics were presented and voted upon, to drill down to two for discussion

            1.  Creating learning environment that promote active learning, critical thinking, collaborative learning, and knowledge creation. (winner)

            2.  Developing 21st century literacies

            3.  Reaching and engaging today’s learners

            4.  Encouraging faculty adoption and innovation in teaching and learning with IT.  (winner)

            5.Advancing innovation in teaching and learning in an era of budget cuts

There are a number of roles individuals can sign up for in “Take the Challenge”

Broke down into interest  groups to facilitate topics 1 and group 4

I sat down with one group and learned the following

            CIS Faculty member from Davenport University: doesn’t have time.  Doesn’t like group training.  Would like a colleague helping him.  Most effective for him, is having someone come to him individually- a lot more buyin this way.  Wants individualized attention.  Doesn’t like pre-recorded material in general but will consider.  Staff need to deliver materials in a variety of ways.  If technology support staff provide best practices to faculty, better.  Getting testimonials from other faculty innovators is appreciated.  This faculty member would welcome students coming to his office to help.  Tech fair day is a good idea but better to have 3-4 key or influential faculty sell this.  One day for technology orientation for faculty at Elmhurst College goes over well.  Food and $ for faculty attendence would help.  Have faculty be among the leaders.  Professor Ron Draayer,  Davenport University. He commented how valuable the Midwest EDUCAUSE was to him and his intent to promote it to others.  Each scribe at a table was told they could email me their notes and I would append them to this summary.

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I believe the top challenges in higher education is the inability to make classes and work full time while going to school. Thats why I think online learning is so important. It is truly the wave of the future and it allows people to receive their degree who otherwise may have not been able to. Check out for future reference of business degrees both in a campus setting and online.

Learning, teaching and technology are all part of the new student environment.  Learning and teaching with technology provides students from around the world to come together and learn.  Individuals are able to be more flexible and allow for more growth and development.