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How Higher Ed is Becoming More Learner-Centered

Two ELI publications explore emerging trends

Author: Malcolm Brown
Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

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Moving Into the Post-MOOC Era

I sometimes wonder if we might have already entered the post-MOOC era. This is something other than the Gartner “trough of disillusionment,” although some of that is already evident. There is no question, I think, but that the MOOC has shaken up the higher education establishment to a degree for which there may be no precedent. But is the MOOC the whole story? What will its lasting mark be?

What leads me to ask this question are a number of indicators that seem to show that the MOOC is already evolving.  Perhaps it might be more accurate to say that the MOOC is being broken up into parts and each of the parts is spawning a new round of activity. Examples:

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Navigating the Waters of Learning Analytics

Malcolm Brown, Director, and Veronica Diaz, Associate Director, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative