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Privacy and Organizational Analytics

Michael Corn, Deputy CIO, Brandeis University

The floodgates are opening on organizational analytics and I worry that privacy is going to drown in the deluge. By organizational analytics, I'm referring to using the techniques of data mining and big data to look at ourselves, both operationally and from a mission perspective — how our students are doing, how effective our teaching is, and how our administrative support of the mission intersects with outcomes. This includes everything from fundraising to successfully competing for grants.

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Social Justice and Privacy: An End to Solitude

Within the privacy community it is commonly said that privacy is tightly coupled to societal notions of respect. We advocate for our local, national, and international institutions to protect personal information, to collect only the minimum needed, and to do so not merely to prevent financial loss or compliance with regulations, but because it demonstrates respect for individuals.

But what is the basis for this respect? We show respect for one another's feelings, we respect an individual's rights, and when we confront people in moments of great suffering or joy, we show respect for their privacy — we allow individuals the right to decide whether or not to share with us.

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