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An Interview with Kyle and Sarah: The NLII Annual Roving Reporters

I'm clearly no journalist, but on the last day of the conference, I managed to get Kyle Palmer and Sarah Ashworth, the roving reports providing podcast coverage of the NLII Annual, on the other side of the mic.  They did a GREAT job and EDUCAUSE certainly appreciates their hard work!  I can tell you from my own experience trying to record and produce a few podcasts, it definitely takes a great deal of skill and creativity ... they definitely have it.  I just feel fortunate to have been in a position to participate in this experiment so that I could pick up a few tips along the way. 


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Matt! You did a great job. I'll make sure Kyle and Sarah get to hear your excellent work. I will give you an update on Sarah's concerns about getting a podcast through to her station. She and I are working on the technical aspects of it all and we're working on a plan to make our local NPR station podcast sooner than later.