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Podcasting the EDUCAUSE Live Event about Podcasting

It seemed a shame to let our EDUCAUSE Live event about podcasting live be isolated from the larger podcast world.  So, a colleague of mine and I set out to see what would be involved in transforming the Horizon Wimba audio into something that could be used for a podcast.  The quality isn't ideal, but we thought this might be an interesting experiment worth sharing more broadly.  We also thought it would be useful to gather some feedback as to whether or not this is something that you'd like to see more of (if we can improve the quality) and why?  Finally, it would be interesting to get your thoughts on the synchronous chats with the presenters and peers, and the accompanying PowerPoint presentations -- are they important to you?  

Here's the MP3 of the EDUCAUSE Live Presentation:

If you'd like to see the original EDUCAUSE Live Presentation, visit:

You can download the supporting PowerPoint presentation here:



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Thanks for the files. I am downloading the audio file right now. Yes, this is important to me because I just finished writing a manuscript about the use of podcasts in nursing education. I was able to view the PP again and print the articles you provided.

Great resource...keep up the "afterlife" of the live Educause seminars.