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Post Conference Interviews with the NLII Student Panel and Their Colleagues

Attached is a sixteen minute MP3 of a series of post conference interviews with the NLII Student Panel and their colleagues.  Among other things, sessions on Personal Response Systems (aka Clickers) by M. Javed Iqbal and Security, Privacy and Copyright  by Rodney Petersen were of particular interest. 

This is my first podcast, so bear with me if you encounter any problems.  It has been years since my days in the studio as a student editing digital audio using ProTools on Mac.  For this podcast, I used Audacity to edit the recordings, AKG C 1000S microphone, and a Dell Axim Pocket PC with Core Sound's PDAudio Compact Flash Card and a Denecke AD-20 mic preamp/analog-to-digital converter. 

It certainly isn't as polished as the MP3s from Kyle, Sarah and the gang at Mizzou, but hopefully it will prove of some interest and value to many out there in the blogosphere.  I would definitely like to get any feedback you have.  

Thanks for your time!


BTW, thanks to Tom Hoffman who aptly pointed out the we aren't automatically including a link to our podcasts in the body of our RSS.  We'll certainly get that resolved in the next update of our software.  Thanks Tom!


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