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New ELI 7 Things... Brief Explores Open-Ended Response Systems

ELI LogoAn open-ended student response system is an electronic service or application that lets students enter text responses during a lecture or class discussion. Open-ended systems give faculty the option of collecting such free-form contributions from students, in addition to asking the true/false or multiple-choice questions that conventional clicker systems allow. Such tools open a channel for the kind of individual, creative student responses that can alter the character of learning.

In the 7 Things You Should Know About Open-Ended Response Systems, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s (ELI) latest brief in the monthly series, discover how the great strength of open-ended student response systems may be that they create another avenue for discussion within the classroom.

Beginning with this release, each new brief in the ELI 7 Things You Should Know About… series will be available as an EPUB file as well as a PDF. EPUB files can be easily read on a wide range of mobile devices that support this format, including Android devices, the NOOK, the Sony Reader, Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone, and many others.

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